The essential nature and conditions of farm work make agricultural workers vulnerable to COVID-19. This vulnerability is compounded by the fact that they are overwhelmingly low-income, they may not be fluent in English, and may have limited access to transportation. In addition, many agricultural workers live on isolated rural farms in dorm-style housing incompatible with social distancing norms.

Our COVID-19 Response


Throughout the pandemic, we have worked closely with our Partner Agencies in Connecticut and Massachusetts, as well as engaging with other organizations, locally and nationally, to address barriers to accessing timely and accurate information, and care.

Outreach & Health Education

Community Health Workers are a trusted source of information for farmworkers, and play a crucial role in educating and implementing prevention protocols and addressing vaccine hesitancy. Outreach was initially interrupted by the pandemic and we and our partners quickly adapted, developing new protocols and messaging. Safety measures were quickly put in place to support remote and in-person outreach to respond to needs such as interpretation, screening and transportation.

PPE & Infection Control Supplies

Community Health Workers and CRVFHP staff have continuously distributed personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies to farms, farmworkers, and their families throughout the pandemic.

Support to Farms

We provide support to farms, helping to ensure personal and environmental safety for farmworkers via hygiene, handwashing and proper infection control procedures, and access to health information.


We supported our Partner Agencies in enhancing their telehealth infrastructure in order to perform triage, care, and follow-up via telehealth with farmworkers in their homes, work-sites, and community settings. Community Health Workers play a crucial role in helping farmworker patients and their family members access telehealth services.

Testing, Contact Tracing & Vaccination

We collaborate and support our Partner Agencies in providing COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and vaccination at clinics and at farms. We also work with public departments in Connecticut and Massachusetts to help develop and implement local and state emergency response plans as they relate to agricultural workers.